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tv   Life and Career of Ross Perot  CSPAN  July 9, 2019 12:38pm-12:52pm EDT

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>> ross perot died today at the age of 89. the self-made billionaire ran for president in 1992 and 1996. he sat down with c-span in march of 1992 just before officially aunching his campaign. brian: you see yourself sitting in the white house and say all right, we have anish slew here. - we have an issue here. ross: you can get a response from the owners. the people in congress. congress now has totally dominated by lobbyists. i want congress totally dominated by the people in their congressional district. the reason that congress is not bad but the reason they are dominated by lobbyists is television time for the next election costs so much. these are the boys running up and down the halls all day every day. i could take a five-minute walk right now and we both would be -- the ways and means committee where they are working on the new tax bill. you could get killed in the
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rush. none of it has anything to do with a good tax bill for the american people. all of it has to do with putting another patch on special interest. you explain an issue. here are our priorities. you got to keep the job base intact. don't let it crumble while you fix everything else. your tax base is the function of how many people are working. one of the things of greatest concern to the american people is that we are losing jobs in this country. we are going to have to work on that problem on an industry by industry basis. we have to have a plan company by company on the big companies in trouble. you have to bring in people who are most knowledgeable people in each of these industries. bring these people in overnight, put them to work immediately, and come up with rough crude plans first. keep everybody informed as you do t this is what our successful international competitors are doing. what we do in our country is get up every morning and break business' legs and wonder why the job base is deteriorating.
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that's part of the reason. there is a lot of work to be done to stabilize the job base, turn it around. and there can only be one goal. only one way to protect the job base, and that is to have the words, made in the u.s.a., the world standard of excellence. each of our companies must make the finest problems in the world k we? yes. no question. , when not until we start. when do we start? the first day. because that's the highest priority. you do not want to hear the music stop as far as the u.s. economy. it has been pillaged and plundered for the last 12 years. $1 trillion in 1980. and now $4 trillion and nothing to show for it. brian: you had an electronic town hall and took a vote on it would you abide by the wishes of the people. ross: it's their country. brian: should we seggle gate or integrate. and same back and said segregate. what would you do then?
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ross: it's unconstitutional. -- wait a minute, for god's sakes. we are imploding economically. now, just because some guy in white sheets comes up and wants me to put that in the town hall, i say hold your bus because the last thing we need now is to put stress in the melting pot. forget it. we are not going to turn the clock back. if you, fellow, want to do that, do it on your own. we've got a patient here on the operating table and we have to fix the most critical problem. you bringing up an old issue that is on the way to being fixed but not there. i have gone back to that. it's unconstitutional. let's not have stray bullets. somebody can come in and say what about the gray owl. well, the environment -- that's a piece of the endangered species list.
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compared to keeping the financial pump going, you can't discuss it because if the financial pump breaks you don't have any money to take care of the gray owl. everybody understands that. got to get your companies turned around. you got to start spending beyond your means. a new graham-rudman. new tax system because the system is corrupt and flawed. it's got to be -- number one it's got to be fair. it's got to raise the money. then just to get everybody's head straight about who works for whom, right away i'd like to get a law passed that only the people can give congress and the white house a pay raise. because if they have to do a performance, maybe you get pay raise. giving themselves a 23 may raise, no. get that straight. then change the voting day to saturday or sup. get away from tuesday.
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just a few commence things i'm fascinated nobody will even raise. we can't vote on saturday and sunday. everybody knows that's a good idea. some exit polling. stop releasing data from east coast polls until hawaii is closed. shorten time for elections. brian: can you do that without breaking the first amendment? ross: what's that? brian: can you stop a network from doing exit polling under the first amendment? can you pass a law -- mr. ross: i would have to get about 30 lawyers on that one. but, you can understand the inequity of it. because it really impacts what happens out west. my thought is, we sit down with everybody concerned, starting with the press, they would be the ones most concerned about it. this is really damaging the election process. it's really not fair. but it's something we want to do. gives us sound bites and charge
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more for commercials. said you just lost me. compared to having a fair election, you guys are in trouble. you go to the people. we have a problem heemplet we can amend this sting if we have to. we've got to have fair elections. exit polling distorts what appens across the country. the owners have spoken. right? terrific. brian: military situation, don't mean to give you hypotheticals. say you have an intelligence organization that tells you we have a serious threat overseas. ross: that would be a change. they didn't know the berlin wall was going to fall until it fell. i'm glad you got that cleaned up. brian: you had the special -- ross: on top of it for united states. brian: you go to the public and say should we bomb iraq and the public comes back and says --
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mr. ross: this is not a situation where we are being attacked. this is a situation where we are going to war. ok. this is a situation where we have all the time in the world to go to war. we decided that we would take five or six months to get ready to go to war, right? well, certainly you should discuss that with the american people over the town hall because their sons and daughters fight that war. right? now, they should understand why we are going to war. let's take the example you gave me. it was four months before the white house could figure out why we were doing it. one time it was jobs, next time oil. finally they got it together and it was had to get rid of nuclear chemicals, hussein, guess what we still got? didn't accomplish any objective. we recovered kuwait. if i knock on your door and say
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i'd like to borrow your son to go to the middle east so that this dude with 70 wives who has a minster finding a virgin every thursday night, can have his thrown back, you would probably hit me in the mouth. well, but strategically it's important. finally talk you into it. the point is, we had to recover kuwait. only in america after we had troops on the ground in the middle east would we let assad of syria who killed 243 americans in beirut and blew up pan am, if you don't late guy take a country, why do you let him? it's this simple. we have to have a bad boy of choice. this is what happens when you got that imperial leadership we got. he was the c.i.a.'s main man in central america. you know who is down there talking to him and on and on. now, suddenly got out of line.
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then we got to deal with the panamanian major to capture him. then we couldn't get our act together to have a special forces team set up to pick him up. wandered 400 yards and picked him up where there was no risk at all. a major was killed and we were embarrassed and had to take panama and so on. we replaced him with another drug dealer as president. now he's cost -- he's down there living well in his cell. then we spent 10 years creating saddam hussein. if you look at the direct involvement, there is a whole litany being printed about how we made this man who he is today. and our current president's fingerprints are over -- all over it from 1982 on in direct involvement in getting him money, getting him weapons, and all the way down to a few months before the war. trying to get people to leave him alone and let him do what he wanted to do. then written instructions we sent the ambassador in to see him on july 25 to tell him we
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would not become involved with his border dispute in kuwait and basically saying if you want to take that northern part, you can. then he took the whole thing. then we got to worry billion -- then we the saudis got upset. then it was all ego trips and insecurity and we tried to turn it into the superbowl of wars where the american people got to see smart bombs go down air shafts. never got to see a guy cut to pieces in a desert. only in america would you have a war, get it over with, and have all the heroes be generalses or politicians. if you could show me sergeant york or audi murphy, i would like to meet him. war is fought by enlisted men not politicians. i'm bringing down -- i know what war is. i have been really, really close to war most of my adult life. i know what these guys look like all blown to pieces. i know what it's like for their widows and kids and so on.
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i know what it's like for guys to come back home from vietnam and nobody to care about and spit on them after they spent years over there fighting. you just don't throw people into war because your bad boy of choice in the middle east you spent 10 years creating has embarrassed you. you bet i talk to the american people about it and you bet we have a big debate with-b it. start the buildup, get everything in place. but in terms before you pull the -- blow the whistle, you want to make sure the one lesson we should have learned from vietnam if we didn't learn anything else. before you send one person on a about thelefield, you first commit the nation and then you commit the troops. for congress to duck this, irresponsible. get the american people in the middle of it, absolutely. brian: we are out of time. last question to you. you know how much activity there is now there in the country with these states. what's your guess as to whether or not the 50 states will be
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signed up and whether or not you get in? ross: there is far more activity than i ever thought there would be. i never thought there would be activity in 50 states. i thought there wouldn't be much activity. then i thought it would go away in a few days. at this point in time it seems to continue to be growing. i don't think it has anything to do with me. i think it has everything to do with people's concerns about where we are and where we are going. the people are deeply concerned about is the country going to continue to grow and prosper or are we in decline? all the polls you have seen confirm that. i believe that's driven by this, it has nothing to do with me. brian: your guess, in or out? do you think you'll be in it or out of it when it's all over? ross: too early to tell. brian: some time frame -- what's the date -- ross: let's assume they don't get it done in texas, it's over. may 6.
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it's over. brian: it has to be 50 states. ross: texas is may 6. i'm saying that's my deal to the american people. register me in 50 states, i'll drop everything. i'll run as your servant. i won't run to anybody but you if you want me. as i have said many, many times. if along the way you find somebody you are more fascinated with, take him. brian: in texas they have to have 54,000 signatures by may 6 and they can't have voted in either one of the pry prairies. ross: that's right. brian: we are out of time. i assume we'll pick up at some future time. ross: we'll see where it goes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> following this interview, ross parole officially launched his 1992 campaign for president. he ran a second time in 1996 coming in third both times. ross perreault -- perot dayed today at the age of 89.


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